GDPR preparations

The EU General Data Protection Regulation imposes responsibilities and obligations on companies and organizations with regard to the processing of personal data, and in the future, the compliance must also be verified.

Want to read more about GDPR? Download the first part of our data protection guide: What is GDPR?

Download the first part of the GDPR guide

The service consists of the following components

  • Mapping the current state, more commonly a basic inventory of the current state of personal data processing – what is processed, where and by whom
  • Identifying the service providers that process personal data on behalf of and for the company
  • Reviewing the technical side – information systems, applications, media and their securityTogether with the client, creating documentation required by GDPR
  • Creating a plan for implementing obligations and responsibilities under GDPR within the client organization

What should be considered in terms of GDPR?

  • GDPR is obligatory in all companies and organizations
  • Make sure you always process all personal data correctly
  • GDPR is a vast entity – rely on professionals to master it, do not reinvent the wheel

Want to make sure your company’s privacy policies are in order? Download the second part of our GDPR guide: Practical measures

Download the second part of the GDPR guide

GDPR is obligatory in all companies and organizations. We help our clients to make sure that they comply with it now and in the future.

Did you already know the best tactics and techniques for data security?

Data protection and data security go hand in hand. Data protection requirements cannot be met if there are significant leaks in the company data security. We also help companies to maintain and improve their data security.

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