ICT manager service

Triuvare’s Huoleton™ ICT manager service brings more insight, experience and expertise to the organization’s day-to-day IT operations, projects and acquisition.

The ICT manager acts as the helping hand with the client’s own information management or as a fully outsourced specialist.

Benefits of professional IT maintenance and development

Information and knowledge management are a growing component of today’s business, regardless of the industry. As a continuous process, we help our clients plan, implement and deliver IT services.

When you want long-term planning to support your business, and you want a flexible resource to advance your development projects, an outsourced ICT manager is just the right solution.

The service consists of the following components


Administrative tasks such as business collaboration, planning and budgeting.


Definition and identification of development areas in advance to ensure compatibility of services and devices used.


Tendering of ICT acquisition and project management as part of the rest of the organization.

Why acquire an outsourced ICT manager?

  • For external insight and experience from the field
  • To utilize new technologies
  • For helping hands in different areas of information management
  • For new kind of expertise and experience
  • A full-time dedicated ICT manager would be an oversized recruitment

Why invest in continuous IT development?

An outsourced ICT manager brings new insights and experience to the organization. With external expertise in development projects, you can make the most of ICT acquisition and continuous development is in everyone’s interest.

When you need objective insight without lengthy recruitment processes and huge fixed costs, an outsourced ICT manager is the right solution.

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