The Guides and Scouts of Finland is the Scouting and Guiding association in Finland. The association has 65,000 members and 80 employees in 10 offices around Finland. With the Huoleton Premium service model, the association was able to recruit ICT specialists without having to hire a specific employee.

90 workstations | 40 mobile devices

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GoGo is a family business specialised in fitness and health services. It is located in Tampere, Finland. GoGo has three full-service health clubs in Tampere and eight GoGo Express gyms in several locations in Finland. IT has a vital role in the everyday life of a health club.

45 workstations | 10 locations

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Logistics service business HUB Logistics Oy has rapidly grown into an organisation with 500 employees. The rapid growth has required some very creative choices in the development of the IT environment. The company has effectively utilised Triuvare’s expertise in the planning and implementation of its IT solutions. One of the most important benefits of outsourcing IT support is the predictability of the costs.

400 workstations | 370 mobile devices

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Voglia adopted Microsoft Office 365 cloud services to modernise its email and calendar environments.

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IT’s importance in the everyday operations of Puristeteos is constantly growing. The company aims to digitalise its operating environment, which will demand much of the IT environment and the company’s partner. This will also involve the monitoring of production and financial management and the digital control of production.

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