Guides and Scouts of Finland

Consistent and high-quality support service for all Guides and Scouts workers throughout Finland.

The Guides and Scouts of Finland is the Scouting and Guiding association in Finland. The association has 65,000 members and 80 employees in 10 offices around Finland.

The headquarters of the association, located in Helsinki, and three of the districts have formed their own IT entity. In the other districts, IT matters have been organised independently, apart from systems acquisitions. In autumn 2016, the districts agreed that the association would invite tenders on IT support services and select a single service provider. The association valued the creation of a common service model and that the service would be scaled for the district employees so that overlapping functions could be eliminated. The new service model has provided the association with a predictable, high-quality entity that is easy to manage, control and develop.

– Unlike in the world of business, our regional Guide and Scout organisations, meaning the districts, are independent and their culture largely involves making their own decisions. That’s why it was a significant advantage that we were able to motivate the districts to join the new services. Triuvare is a trusted long-term partner of the Häme District. This is a large district, so we knew that the same model would work for the other districts, as well. After the tendering, it was also helpful that we didn’t have to start from scratch; instead, we could make use of what the Häme district has done. The transition has been easy for us, and it has also given us an opportunity to analyse our own operations, says Mikko Lehtonen, Administrative Director for the Guides and Scouts of Finland.

The districts joining to the service was staggered so that two or three districts entered the service at the same time. This way, we were able to thoroughly go through the questions that each district had. Lehtonen believes it is important that the association’s partner is prepared to eventually include the three or four districts that still remain outside the service.

Expertise from a single point of contact

With the Huoleton Premium service model, the association was able to recruit ICT specialists without having to hire a specific employee.

– In an association, how we use and direct our working hours is essential.  I think that outsourcing ICT support services is a good way for associations to acquire expertise which we do not possess, ourselves, and for which we don’t have time. At the same time, we free up energy to do what we do best.  In our everyday work, the service makes it feel like we have an extra employee here at the office. But we don’t need to plan in case our IT expert gets sick or goes on holiday, since Triuvare specialists are available around the year. A skilled partner can also bring up matters related to data security and provide more extensive knowledge than a single expert.

Value is also added through the fact that the costs of the tools and services are known in advance, which makes budgeting and forecasts easy. The Guides and Scouts of Finland and their districts receive both public and private subsidies, and the service model also makes it easier to communicate with financers when the suitability and cost-efficiency of the tools can be easily proven. The association now has a clear overview of their devices. The Triuvare service model also helps separate the costs of specific services, when necessary.

The Guides and Scouts of Finland and the districts have a single point of contact where Triuvare also manages the services of the partners operating in the background. This way, an individual employee does not need to think about whom to contact: all questions related to phone plans, devices and ICT matters can be solved through Triuvare support.

– The most important thing is that our work goes smoothly and that support can be contacted quickly. The support solves our problems: we have experienced extremely short response times, and nearly every issue has been solved at once. In other words, the basic service and basic work have gone exceptionally well. We have also been delighted with Triuvare’s solution-focused approach that has allowed us to deal with issues that have been troubling us for a long time. For example, the network issues at our headquarters in Helsinki have been dealt with. Our major goal has been minimising overlapping work and finding a partner than can implement consistent services for all of our employees. It’s been nice to see that the outsourcing is working and the service model has been scaled for the different districts in Finland. We hope that everything will go as smoothly in the future, too!

Triuvare has been an excellent partner and we are very happy with the level of service we have received. It’s easy to contact customer service and the quality of the service remains consistent despite the support persons changing.

Mikko Lehtonen

Administrative Director, Guides and Scouts of Finland

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