HUB logistics

Supporting the IT development of a growing organisation.

Logistics service business HUB Logistics Oy has rapidly grown into an organisation with 500 employees. The rapid growth has required some very creative choices in the development of the IT environment. The company has effectively utilised Triuvare’s expertise in the planning and implementation of its IT solutions. One of the most important benefits of outsourcing IT support is the predictability of the costs.

– All 90 of our workstations are covered by the Huoleton™ maintenance service. We have offices throughout Finland, so it would be impossible to cost-efficiently maintain our systems by ourselves, says Antti Niemelä, CIO.

In addition to the workstations of HUB Logistics, the maintenance service also covers dozens of their tablets and smartphones. If a smartphone malfunctions, Triuvare offers a replacement device service which allows the user to receive a new device, even during the same day. Triuvare also disposes of old workstations and mobile devices securely.

– We have constantly been developing and customising our systems with Triuvare’s help. Their team consists of extremely skilled people who can be consulted for ideas and opinions about different situations. Based on these, we have been able to create excellent solutions that make our everyday operations easier. It’s great to have an IT partner who wants to do everything they can to solve our everyday challenges, Niemelä says.

Update management prevents risks

In the IT management of a large organisation, many maintenance tasks and actions are related to pre-emptive work. For example, updates are run on workstations automatically so that the updates to the OS or specific software do not take up the valuable time of the user.

– Uncontrolled updates involve disadvantages. If the responsibility for updates is left up to the user, OS and software won’t be updated, or they’ll be updated whenever the user remembers. However, according to statistics, most data security issues of companies are related to updates being neglected, says Mikko Tukia, Triuvare’s Account Manager.

Updates to software that is being used are also considered time-consuming and difficult. With centralised update management, Triuvare runs the updates on workstations automatically without disturbing the users’ work. Many individual support requests are solved with a remote connection. Typically, issues are solved with a phone call during which the computer may be accessed remotely. This means that the user doesn’t need to know any technical procedures, themselves. This has largely directed the development of the company’s own data management, Niemelä says.

At HUB Logistics, we can now focus on the more important management tasks that ensure the functionality of the systems and high productivity. The efficient internal operations of our organisation are also reflected on the outside, on our own clients.

Hub Logistics Oy

What do they do: Logistics and packaging services that make operations more efficient                                  
Established in:1992
Location: Kerava, Finland                          
CEO: Aarno Törmälä
Employees: ca. 500                             
Turnover: €38,269,000 (2013)

It’s great to have an IT partner who wants to do everything they can to solve our everyday challenges.

Antti Niemelä

CIO, HUB logistics

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