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Supporting the IT development of a growing organisation.

The logistics service company, HUB Logistics Oy, has grown into an organisation of several hundred employees over 30 years. During this time, the company has effectively utilised Triuvare’s expertise in the planning and implementation of its IT solutions. Over the years, the cooperation between our companies has expanded to cover many different areas. Once HUB Logistics outsourced their ICT department to Triuvare, we became responsible for the workstations, mobile devices, factory equipment and some of the servers as well. The service we provide today includes both hardware and purchased services, of which the most important part is Triuvare’s ICT support. HUB Logistics also utilises Triuvare’s ICT architects, who are consulted whenever changes or expansions to the existing ICT infrastructure are made. Power BI projects are a recent addition to our service.

During this successful partnership, Triuvare has successfully produced new services for HUB Logistics, which have also been utilised by other Triuvare customers. At Triuvare, many service concepts are developed specifically to meet our customers’ individual needs or modified to suit our customers.

– Things work as agreed with Triuvare, and their work and quality are consistently good. Their response times are great and you always get an answer every time you ask. Thanks to their expertise and insight, Triuvare also has the potential to offer development ideas proactively, says Markku Valpas, CFO at HUB Logistics.


Assisting the customer with a wide range of services

One of the most important benefits of outsourcing IT support is the easy estimation of costs. This explains why HUB are happy to have all their 250 workstations covered by the Huoleton™ maintenance service.

In addition to the workstations, the maintenance service also covers hundreds of mobile devices. Triuvare’s replacement device service allows users to receive a new device… on the same day, if a smartphone malfunctions. Triuvare also ensures that old workstations, tablets and smartphones are recycled properly and that data security is always observed.

Individual support requests are usually solved remotely when possible. Typically, issues are handled with a phone call, during which the computer may be accessed remotely. This means that users do not need to know any technical procedures themselves.

In the IT management of a large organisation, many maintenance tasks and actions are related to preventive work. For example, updates on workstations are run automatically, so that the updates to the OS or specific software do not waste the valuable time of the user.

– Uncontrolled updates are detrimental to the smooth running of an organisation. If the responsibility for updating is left to users, then the OS and software will often not be updated at all, or updates will be made only when the user remembers to do them. However, according to statistics, a large percentage of companies’ data security issues are related to updates being neglected, says Mikko Tukia, Key Account Manager at Triuvare.

Updates to software that is being used are also considered time-consuming and difficult, taking up valuable work time. With a centralised update management, Triuvare runs the updates on workstations automatically without disturbing the users’ work.


Scalability thanks to partnership

HUB Logistics has clear requirements from a partner.

– Our partner needs to do things better than we could do them ourselves. The basic service must be of consistent quality, reliable and competitively priced. In addition, we hope for development proposals and views on how we can develop and further improve things, says Valpas.

HUB Logistics does not consider detailed knowledge on ICT infrastructure to be a logistics operator’s core competence. Instead, it is better to centralise such work to a partner who knows the area better. This gives flexibility and scalability as well as transparency to the work.

– We are living in a time of constant change and it is important that the service can be scaled in any direction. For example, opening a new logistics centre or taking over new customer sites requires rapid scaling, explains Valpas.

The basic service must be of consistent quality, reliable and competitively priced.


CFO, HUB logistics

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