Metal processing company Puristeteos

Difficulties motivated the search for a reliable IT partner.

Puristeteos is a family business established in 1947. They specialise in producing metal-based systems for their clients. The company manufactures as many as 4,000 different products.

The IT systems of Puristeteos were attacked 18 months ago. All systems went dark, and the company had to operate with old-fashioned manual dispatches. Once the company regained control of the situation and the systems started working again, the employees were three weeks behind with their work. The experience motivated CEO Ville Mäenpää to look for a reliable partner. He discovered Triuvare through a tip from his friend. Switching partners was efficient and trouble-free. The company is also using Triuvare’s Huoleton Premium service.

– The smoothness of our everyday operations proves that everything is going well. You always know when things are not working in IT. If you turn on your computer and it won’t start, or you can’t access your email – you notice that immediately. We used to have quite a lot of interruptions in our email system, which made us unable to receive orders. We’ve never had these types of problems when working with Triuvare. That’s how I know our systems are taken care of. Triuvare has succeeded in bringing Puristeteos’ IT infrastructure to the expected level. We’ve received a lot of good tips on what we can do differently. I believe that’s important, since our company with 25 employees doesn’t have room for an IT expert of our own, Mäenpää says.

A future-oriented IT partner wants to develop along with its client

– We are now at our fourth IT partner, and based on this experience, I can say that Triuvare definitely stands out among the service providers. Triuvare truly wants to help us move forward. From the beginning, we saw that Triuvare had the same ideology as we have towards our clients. Triuvare wants to be a constructive partner that looks at the big picture. These days, no company can afford to do things twice. It’s important to move to the right direction right from the start. I feel like that’s what we’re doing, now.

IT’s importance in the everyday operations of Puristeteos is constantly growing. The company aims to digitalise its operating environment, which will demand much of the IT environment and the company’s partner. This will also involve the monitoring of production and financial management and the digital control of production.

– Triuvare has taken its place as our development partner. Our partners need to be involved in the future of Puristeteos. We don’t need mediocre actors – we need the best. I believe we will achieve a lot together!

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