Implementing extensive IT strategy work.

Voglia Oy designs and produces women’s clothing and sells its products in its boutiques and online shop. The main office of Voglia is located in Lammi, Finland, and the company has shops throughout Finland, from Helsinki to Oulu.

Triuvare offered its services for implementing the IT strategy started by Voglia. As a result of this strategy work, an outdated server environment was virtualised and more secure connections to the company network were installed for the production plants in Estonia.

– The virtualisation of our servers was an extensive project – we couldn’t have made it without a knowledgeable partner. We ended up moving the servers physically away from our main office, in connection to which we were also able to invest in the automation of maintenance and backups, says Mari Laitala, Voglia’s Production and IT Manager.

– We no longer need to upgrade our ageing server hardware, ourselves, since we can increase our capacity as needed in the virtual environment, Laitala adds.

A unique project proved Triuvare’s competence

The server virtualisation project lasted several months, during which several systems were migrated in stages. The migrated systems included the ERP system and the design software. The actions required by the migration were gone through carefully, particularly with the provider of the design software. The project was unique also because this was the first migration of this type for the design software provider. The project proved that our IT partner could handle different environments, says Toni Rantanen, CEO of Triuvare.

– Many companies are using several different and customised software and server solutions. Their continuity, updates and support may pose risks for the business if only one or two people in the company are able to maintain the system. Specialised expertise is often needed when renewing or updating such systems. We can have our entire team of experts work on extensive projects, in which case all operations can be planned and implemented without major stoppages, Rantanen says.

More efficient business with new working methods

Voglia adopted Microsoft Office 365 cloud services to modernise its email and calendar environments. The decision was based on wanting to make the use of email easier on different devices and make internal operating models more efficient with shared calendars. The internal communications of the company are now made easier by Lync, a real-time communications tool included in the cloud services.

– With Triuvare’s help, Voglia has been able to access modern solutions and remove maintenance burdens. With Lync, daily communications between offices have improved. Furthermore, our shops and production plants are now operating more securely in our new, updated company network. It’s great that we have found a partner who can meet our needs both in everyday support and more demanding projects, Laitala says.

Voglia Oy

What do they do: Design, production and sales of women’s clothing                                  
Established in: 1983               
Location: Lammi, Finland
CEO: Markku Virtanen                                 
Employees: 66                       
Turnover: €7,954,000 (2013)

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