Auditing and development projects

Outside assistance helps budget the IT costs realistically and make financially informed IT decisions. Typical challenges include incomplete or scattered information on hardware lifecycle, warranty periods, leasing agreements, network device passwords, server settings, etc.

ICT is a broad area of business, so it is good to know how its various components function together and what kind of potential issues have occurred.

Huoleton™ ICT analysis

IT infrastructure often expands as needed without more detailed planning, which can blur the big picture and compromise the compatibility of the solutions made. However, since the IT infrastructure is a large entity, it is good to ensure that each component is functional at both the hardware and application levels.

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GDPR preparations

The EU General Data Protection Regulation imposes responsibilities and obligations on companies and organizations with regard to the processing of personal data, and in the future, the compliance must also be verified.

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Easily in the cloud - Office 365

Iisipilvi™ project makes the commissioning of Office 365 smooth and carefree. We take care of the acquisition, commissioning, user guidance and possible migration of data from other software.

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ICT manager service

Triuvare’s Huoleton™ ICT manager service brings more insight, experience and expertise to the organization’s day-to-day IT operations, projects and acquisition.

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