Huoleton™ ICT analysis is a comprehensive mapping of the current state of the organization’s ICT environment, identifying potential problems and development needs.

The end result is a report with observations and development suggestions.

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IT infrastructure often expands bit by bit without more detailed planning, which can blur the big picture and compromise the compatibility of the solutions made. However, since the IT infrastructure is a large entity, it is good to ensure that each component is functional at both the hardware and application levels.

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ICT analysis is an external and objective view of the current state and the development areas it requires.

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Get started with our specialists’ IT mapping free of charge. You will receive personal feedback and recommendations for the next steps! After the mapping, we can provide you with a list of key areas for development or continue with more in-depth ICT analysis. When is ICT analysis worthwhile?

ICT analysis is also an excellent tool to support the tendering of IT services. Download our guide to IT services tendering free of charge to support your tendering process and to succeed in your IT acquisition at once!

IT-palveluiden ulkoistamisella lisää kilpailukykyä

The service surveys, for example, the state of the following areas:


Data security





Support and maintenance services

Report and development suggestions

As a result, the client receives written documentation.


ICT analysis and documentation of the current state is worthwhile when

  • You are studying the current state of ICT or its potential issues
  • You are studying the current costs of ICT
  • You are outsourcing and tendering services
  • You are acquiring new services as part of your existing infrastructure

Download our expert guide free of charge and learn about the benefits of ICT analysis in the tendering process and IT outsourcing!

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ICT is a broad area of business, so it is good to know how its various components function together and what kind of potential issues have occurred.

Huoleton™ ICT analysis is of obvious benefit, as the mapping of the current state allows to address issues more accurately and consider what could be done differently. At the same time, savings can emerge, as the actual demand meets services used.

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