Devices, maintenance and lifecycle services

Facilitate computer and IT device management

Ample supply often causes problems when acquiring new devices. For example, there are hundreds of different models of laptops on the market, some of which are more suited to mobile work, while some are purely desktop computer replacements.

Installation service

Huoleton™ installation service makes commissioning new devices smooth. You get your computer or mobile device fully functional and up and running with no wasted working hours.

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Device acquisition

Do you get grey hair from device acquisition? Are underpowered laptops a constant annoyance?

How about we choose the right devices and equipment together?

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Mobile device management

The role of mobile devices in companies is almost as important as that of laptops.

Huoleton™ mobile device management ensures that your mobile device’s entire lifecycle is taken into account.

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Workstation update management

Huoleton™ update management handles software updates automatically and centrally with an affordable monthly price.

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Server maintenance and monitoring

Huoleton™ server maintenance automatically keeps your company’s server operating systems up-to-date. At the same time, we monitor the use of server resources and prevent downtime and related issues.

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Huoleton™ Backup automatically ensures that your business data is preserved in the event of a defect device or human error. Fast backup to the latest version saves time.

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Data security software

Data security software automatically ensures that your company’s computers and devices are protected.

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Webhotel and domain services

We provide hosting, web address and name services.

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As the device is handed over for reuse or recycling, the security of sensitive data, such as emails, files, and even usernames and passwords, is compromised.

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides your business with all modern tools you need for both traditional and mobile work.

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Multi-factor authentication MFA

Multi-factor authentication ensures that outsiders cannot access the system even if the credentials were leaked.

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