Huoleton™ Backup automatically ensures that your business data is preserved in the event of a defect device or human error. Fast backup to the latest version saves time.


Producing and using a variety of electronic materials (such as documents, images, and databases) is commonplace for almost any business. Often the materials contain production-critical data and a lot of working hours. Thus, all data should have an up-to-date backup that can be quickly restored after a possible deletion or loss.

Psst. In addition to computers, remember to take care of mobile device backups.

This is how the backup works

Automation prevents forgetting

If the current backup is based on storage on a flash drive or an external hard drive without automation, you may forget the backup from time to time. Huoleton™ backup automatically performs the backup over the network at a specified time, for example daily.

Monitoring and backup

Triuvare is able to monitor the success of the backup. In addition, if your storage limit is exceeded, we will contact you in order to increase it.

Encrypted on the server

The files are migrated encrypted to the server, which ensures the security of the data migration. If backups on external hard drives or tapes are on the same premises as the company’s workstations and servers, this type of backups will not be useful in the event of a sudden fire or theft.


Example pricing

Pricing is determined by the backup data. The price is not affected by the number of versions or the restore time. Number of devices is also no limited.

50 GB  
25 € / month  
100 GB  
50 € / month  
200 GB  
95 € / month  
400 GB  
175 € / month  
500 GB  
200 € / month  

Why backup services?

  • Preparing for human error and forgetfulness
  • Performs automatically in the background and does not require remembering. Backups go to the cloud, preventing the media from being lost or damaged.
  • If data is lost, you know who to turn to or you can restore the file yourself

Can you recover a lost, damaged, or accidentally overwritten file? If not, or you are unsure, please contact us!

Huoleton™ Premium service package also includes backup

Triuvare’s Huoleton Backup is a solution that lets you solve and outsource all your backup challenges and focus on the essentials. If your backup matters are not yet in order, please contact Triuvare sales or our specialists.

If your hard drive fails or a malware infects your computer, you will lose all your important files. However, if you accidentally delete important files, backups are worth more than gold. Thus, we recommend that you commission backup.

Backup of the entire server environment

We also provide virtualization platform backups, for example, for the entire server environment. We provide the service with Veeam products. Ask for more details!

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