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Data security software automatically ensures that your company’s computers and devices are protected. Workstation-specific data security software is taken for granted, but we also make sure that it is on and up-to-date on each computer, and provide a centrally managed solution.

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Various malware and viruses roam the Internet. Thus, it is important that all devices have reliable and up-to-date antivirus and data security software.

Modern data security software is not just antivirus, but includes several components to increase data security. In Triuvare’s solution, these include: firewall, browsing protection, update monitoring, application management, and several standalone technologies, such as machine learning and behavioural and reputation-based analysis, that can prevent, predict, and limit the damage caused by malicious applications.

Did you already know the best tactics and techniques for data security? Download our specialist guide on enterprise data security maintenance and development free of charge.

The service consists of


Client and server software available for all common operating systems.

Monitoring and reporting

We manage and monitor the operation of the products and report any deviations to the client.

Always protected

F-Secure’s antivirus protects your devices from attacks and malware and ensures that your data is safe.



Example pricing

50 workstations and 1 server  
143,31 € / month  
20 workstations and 3 servers    
50,05 € / month  
25 € / devices  

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When to acquire antivirus service?

  • Whenever the computers are used to browse the Internet
  • When using shared computers to open emails and attachments
  • To see centrally what kind of threats your antivirus has detected
  • To prevent licenses from expiring unnoticed
  • To verify that your antivirus and virus definitions are up-to-date on all devices

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