Device acquisition

Do you get grey hair from device acquisition? Are underpowered laptops a constant annoyance?

How about we choose the right devices and equipment together?


We start with a needs assessment, which aims at gaining a clear, common understanding of what types of devices are needed in your organization. After the assessment, you get 2-3 different options with justifications to compare. Once a suitable option is found, we will handle the order and delivery to the location you have specified. Computers and mobile devices also come pre-installed and other devices ready to use with necessary installations, as needed.

Right tool for the right need

Ample supply often causes problems when acquiring new devices. For example, there are hundreds of different models of laptops on the market, some of which are more suited to mobile work, while some are purely desktop computer replacements. It is important to choose the right device according to intended use. This way it serves the user comprehensively throughout its lifecycle and unnecessary investments are avoided.

Device acquisition consists of

Needs assessment and quote

Together with the client, we review the true application of the devices and determine the budget for the acquisition.

Order and delivery

We handle the order and delivery of the devices ready for use to the client at the agreed time.

Installation and commissioning

We install the agreed-upon software for the devices and ensure that the necessary licenses are in order. We configure the peripheral devices ready to use.


Example pricing

The cost of the separately billed installation service is determined by the service model in use.

Basic laptop

Typical basic laptop for business application including 3-year onsite warranty, docking station, 24″ standalone monitor, wireless mouse and keyboard, laptop bag, and integrated 4G modem.

  • Single payment 1545 € (VAT 0%)
  • Huoleton Workstation 36 months – 45.43 € / month (VAT 0%)
  • Leasing 36 months – 50.99 € / month (VAT 0%)

Power laptop

Power laptop, for example for design use that requires more power and 1TB of additional storage.

  • Single payment 3370 € (VAT 0%)
  • Huoleton Workstation 36 months – 95.48 € / month (VAT 0%)
  • Leasing 36 months – 110.20 € / month (VAT 0%)

Single payment

With single payment, the device is purchased at once. The most affordable way to acquire device, but the full cost is paid at the time of purchase.


Pricing is based on financial ratios and is paid monthly. Ownership of the device is not transferred to the client. At the end of the leasing period, you may redeem the device by paying a pre-determined amount. Suitable for situations where the cost of the device is to be shared over its lifecycle and the device may be redeemed for own use after the lease period.

Huoleton Workstation

Workstation for rent as an affordable monthly charged package for a 36-month rental period. Pricing is based on the current residual value of the device, which is often more favourable for the client than lease financing. Particularly suitable when the device is not intended to be purchased at the end of the rental period.

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Why centralized device acquisition?

  • You always get a device that meets your needs. Through the client relationship, we get to know your organization even better, and can easily provide you with just the right devices.
  • Licenses and data security are considered as well
  • You save time
  • As a device and supplier independent operator, we can always propose the best solution
  • We favour devices that come with a 3-year onsite warranty, meaning a repair technician will come onsite if needed. Thus, in the event of a malfunction, you do not need to send the device for repair to the warranty service.
  • We use multiple acquisition channels to ensure you get the best value for your money
  • You get the devices pre-installed if you wish

Devices and equipment should always be acquired according to the application. Under-powered “hypermarket laptops” do not meet that need. With the right choices, you can ensure that your employees can work for the next three years with efficient, high-quality tools.

Also, keep in mind that many organizations have a variety of job responsibilities. In addition to using only Office software, more and more people are also doing image processing, for example.

Managing your acquisition process with Triuvare saves you time and money and unnecessary investments are avoided.

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