A workstation or laptop can contain a large amount of data that needs to be safely disposed of. In addition to email, various cloud service files, as well as usernames and passwords for various Internet services are often stored on smartphones and tablets. Huoleton™ Disposal ensures that your business devices can be safely reused in another environment, or we can recycle them for you.

Wiping the computer, server, mobile phone, or tablet using traditional methods does not completely delete your data. Not even when formatting the hard disk. As the device is handed over for reuse or recycling, the security of sensitive data, such as emails, files, and even usernames and passwords, is compromised.

Triuvare’s Disposal deletes all data permanently from different types of devices, so devices removed from business use can be safely reused, for example, at home. Defective and broken devices will be recycled as needed after data disposal.

It is also important to consider the disposal of data for terminal devices acquired through leasing and rental agreements before returning the devices.

Disposal service includes

Disposal of data

Thorough overwriting of media data data by software whenever possible and necessary physical disposal.

Proof of disposal

Certificate of disposal by software.

Device recycling if needed

After the wiping of the device, it is ready to be reinstalled or recycled.


Disposal is part of the Huoleton Premium service. For other devices, the prices are as follows:

25 € / device  
75 € / device  
Tablets / pads  
15 € / device  
Smart phones    
9 € / device  

The cost of disposing of peripheral devices (monitors, printers, network devices, etc.) depends on the size of the device to be disposed.

The collection of the devices from the client’s premises is not included in the price of the service. The client will either deliver the device for disposal to Triuvare office, or the device will be picked up by Triuvare’s ICT specialist during the next local support visit.

Smart phones are updated more often than computers

In addition to workstations, much information is stored on smart phones in the form of emails, contacts, and even passwords. Finns are used to changing phones at work more often than workstations or laptops. Thus, every organization should pay more attention to disposing smart phone data.

Overwriting by software based on DoD 5200.22-M standard

The level of data disposal provided by Triuvare meets the strict DoD 5200.22-M security standard of the US Department of Defense. Standardized disposal is required, for example, in a number of high-level agencies and large companies. For example, decommissioning a computer with medical records requires a complete erasure of the computer data.

We provide a certificate as proof of software disposal.

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