Multi-factor authentication MFA

Multi-factor authentication ensures that outsiders cannot access the system even if the credentials were leaked.

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Office 365 credential phishing attempts are becoming more and more professional. Nowadays, spoofing sites and emails look so realistic that even the most savy user can fall for them.Mitä jokaisen toimitusjohtajan tulee tietää tietoturvasta?

Multi-factor or two-factor authentication means that in addition to the credentials, authentication from a mobile device is also required to log in to the systems. This way, the potential intruder would need not only a username and password, but also the victim’s phone to gain access to the organization’s data.

Multi-factor authentication, i.e. MFA, significantly improves your organization’s data security.

Multi-factor authentication

Easy to commission

We do the setup work and send an easy-to-read manual to the end-users.

Protect yourself from scammers

An attacker typically poses as a member of the organization, whose credentials have already been phished. When MFA is enabled, the attacker will not be able pose in your name even if your password and username were leaked.

Means of protection that suits your taste

Authentication on a mobile device can be accomplished through a call, SMS or mobile application as desired by the user.


Commissioning pricing

Commissioning in the organization (incl. end-user guidance for installing the MFA software)    
200 € + 30 € / user  

Why acquire MFA?

  • Significantly improves the data security of the organization
  • Inexpensive means to protect from phishing
  • Easy to commission

Also ask for MFA commissioning for other systems, such as VPN connections!

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