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We provide hosting, web address and name services.

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When you want to concentrate all your IT services on a single supplier, we also provide web server space. Triuvare provides you with the amount of website space you need, and we also provide updates to the publishing system as needed.

By letting us manage your name services, we can also make the necessary changes faster, for example, when you want to migrate your domain-related emails to the Office 365 environment.

We provide the following services


Amount of website space you need.

Domain maintenance and management

Web address and DNS maintenance.

Publishing system updates

WordPress maintenance and necessary version updates.



Basic webhotel 1 GB  
5 € / month  
Light webhotel 5 GB  
10 € / month  
Premium webhotel 20 GB  
35 € / month  
The webhotel price includes an SSL certificate, which provides a secure connection between the user and the website.  
Publishing system updates    
15 € / month  
.fi domain (incl. DNS maintenance)    
17,70 € / year  
Also ask for other domains and services!    

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Antti Patronen

ICT Service Director
040 912 8491

Why acquire webhosting services from Triuvare?

  • Centralize all your IT services under one roof and invoice
  • As Office 365 commissioning requires multiple DNS changes, allowing Triuvare to make the changes without third parties
  • Publishing systems used on websites and their add-ons are often vulnerable. We make sure that important updates are made and the service is always up-to-date.

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