Huoleton™ Premium

Triuvare Huoleton™ Premium is an outsourced IT department for your organization, providing continuous locationing of development areas and problem prevention, and a single point of contact for all end-user needs.

We are a true partner and consider solutions that support business persistently and prevent problems as well as possible. By outsourcing IT to Triuvare, you have access to more expertise than would be possible through a single IT employee.

The development and maintenance of the IT environment should be handed over to skilled hands

Our specialists provide support for even challenging issues and solve end-user challenges. The end-users always have a single, clear point of contact, through which ICT support is available. You have access to comprehensive IT documentation, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting service without limitations.

Huoleton™ Premium also includes monitoring and maintenance, so you know that device updates are up-to-date and maintenance is up and running. The price is fixed according to the number of devices and is flexible in terms of the changes in quantity. This allows IT costs to be fully budgeted and include no surprises.

More and more IT environments are poorly documented

As a Huoleton™ Premium client, we maintain the IT documentation for you. We keep a record of all available solutions in order to make changes and plans easier. The documentation we prepare is always freely available to the client company.

Our Huoleton™ Premium clients share a common objective with us – minimizing problems and support requests. The more functional the IT environment remains, the better for the business of both parties.

Huoleton™ Premium consists of


The account manager and technical manager take care of and understand your organization’s needs, and make sure that appropriate and modern solutions are used.

User support

In the event of problems, the service includes unlimited user support for ICT problems throughout the organization, such as printing issues, network issues, etc., as well as challenges faced by a single user. The service also includes user credential administration.

IT documentation

An up-to-date report of the current state of your IT infrastructure and the devices in use.

Mobile devices

End-user support, mobile device and subscription administration, and regular subscription tendering. Includes all works relative to mobile devices (excluding installation).

Work station and server maintenance

Workstation update management, server maintenance and monitoring, as well as troubleshooting and necessary repairs.

Device acquisition consulting

We will find the right devices for the intended application.  As an independent operator, we tender and compare the most suitable devices

Huoleton™ Premium service package


  • When it comes to outsourcing maintenance and development of the IT environment
  • When it comes to providing end-users with a single point of contact for all IT problems
  • Clear pricing model – no surprises in IT costs, so budgeting is easy
  • When you want a partner who prevents problems in advance
  • When you want to have the expertise of more than one specialist and a service level promise


Huoleton Premium is priced based on the number of workstations, mobile devices, servers and locations.

€ 51,39 month  
Mobile device  
€ 11,48 month  
€ 112,40 month  
€ 13,30 month  

Pricing examples

10 workstations
10 mobile devices
1 toimipiste  
€ 642 / month (0% VAT)  
50 workstations
50 mobile devices
5 servers
2 locations  
€3,732.1 / month (0% VAT)  
200 workstations
200 mobile devices
15 servers
8 locations  
€14,366.4 / month (0% VAT)  

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