Network services

Instead of having to make separate agreements for device purchase and maintenance, we have packaged device delivery, configuration, and maintenance work into a single fixed monthly price.

The easy commissioning and management, as well as the data security of new network-connected devices is worth keeping in mind, especially as the number of devices increases gradually. It may be necessary to isolate other IP-based devices with managed switches, wireless access points, and firewalls for the security of your company network. Huoleton™ Network is built with wireless network connections, switches and firewalls.

Huoleton™ Network

The number of devices connected to the network is constantly increasing in organizations. In addition to computers, network connections are already found on printers, televisions, security cameras, and access control and video conferencing devices – to name a few.

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Backup internet

High-quality, reliable network connections to the world are built by physical connections.

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WLAN planning

With WLAN planning, the locations, number and positioning of access points are based on measured data for optimal network performance.

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WLAN measurement

WLAN measurement helps when the existing WLAN network has interferences or coverage problems.

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Maintenance and monitoring of own devices

Triuvare’s services can take over the maintenance and monitoring of the client’s own devices.

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