Maintenance and monitoring of own devices

Triuvare’s services can take over the maintenance and monitoring of the client’s own devices. Maintenance ensures the data security of the device by keeping the device up-to-date and monitoring allows reacting quickly in the event of a malfunction.

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Triuvare care for your own network devices

We also provide monitoring and maintenance services for the client’s own devices. The compatibility of the devices with the service is checked before the service is commissioned.

Do not make IT acquisitions based on the current situation only!

It is a good idea to rely on professionals to acquire IT devices. For example, network solutions should not be based solely on the current situation, but the acquisition should take into account the requirements of the current environment, industry and growth strategy. In the best-case scenario, IT supports business, in the worst-case scenario, IT infrastructure can hinder growth.  Thus, it is worth paying special attention to acquisitions.

We cover the topic in more detail in our High-growth enterprise IT guide. This guide describes how to integrate business strategy with IT strategy and what to consider in the company’s IT. Download the guide free of charge!

Lataa maksuton Kasvuyrityksen IT-opas

Following services are available for network devices

Network device maintenance

  • The maintenance of the client’s device will be transferred to Triuvare
  • Triuvare handles any configuration changes during operation
  • Software updates will be handled on behalf of the client
  • The service is available for firewalls, switches, and WLAN access points

Network device monitoring

  • Automatic on/off monitoring of the network device (ping)
  • Client access to the dashboard
  • Automatic alarms for the monitored device by email

Automatic backups of network devices

Configuration backups can be automatically performed on the client network devices. Thus, if the device breaks or after an accidental, wrong configuration change, the device can be restored to working order. Automatic backups include:

  • Daily backup of device configuration file.
  • Automatic alarms to Triuvare if backup fails.



Network device maintenance - switch  
20 € / device / month  
Network device maintenance - WLAN access point  
20 € / device / month  
Network device maintenance - firewall  
30 € / device / month  
Network device monitoring - On/Off  
4 € / device / month  
Network device backups  
5 € / device / month  

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