WLAN measurement

WLAN measurement helps when the existing WLAN network has interferences or coverage problems.

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Measuring and validating the WLAN network help identify network issues. The client is provided with a network status report and suggestions for corrections.  Triuvare conducts the measurements with Ekahau’s professional measuring products.

The most common problem is increasing the number of access points and assuming that it speeds up the WLAN network. However, this ignores the basic structure of the wireless network and the fact that increasing the number of access points will not achieve additional speed if the network is planned incorrectly or from the wrong starting point. It is easy to make the wireless network accessible in desired areas and to seem functional, but when loaded, the network does not function as desired or some of the terminals cannot access the network.

The process proceeds as follows


Preparations, for which the client provides Triuvare with a floor plan of the space.


Measurement, during which a specialist covers the space with the measuring equipment.

Results and correction suggestions

Analysing and reporting of the measurement results and corrections suggestions. Triuvare will provide the client with a report of the results of the measurement and analysis as well as suggestions for corrections on problematic issues.

If desired, we can also complete the corrections indicated in the report, on which we will provide you with a quote upon request after the WLAN measurement. After the correction, Triuvare will conduct a remeasurement and reanalysis free of charge to see that the problems have been resolved.

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(incl. kilometre allowance from Tampere office, travel time 115 € / h, possible daily allowance, possible accommodation costs).  
1 000 € + travel costs  
If there are more than one storey in the building, we charge 250 € for each additional storey.  

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