WLAN planning

With WLAN planning, the locations, number and positioning of access points are based on measured data for optimal network performance.

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Traditionally, a WLAN network is constructed by guessing the locations and number of access points, and the number of access points is increased if coverage is not sufficient. Triuvare’s WLAN measurement first measures how structures, such as walls, pass through the WLAN signal and the planning is made accordingly. This avoids under or over-sized number of access points.

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Why should a WLAN network be planned in advance? Without proper planning, the number and locations of WLAN access points are like playing the lottery. The Ekahau software allows you to plan the number and locations of WLAN access points in advance, thus avoiding the purchase of unnecessary access points.

Depending on the facilities, the plan will either utilize the traditional “ap-on-a-stick” method of raising the access point to the ceiling and measuring coverage, or the entire plan is executed with the Ekahau software. However, for software planning, you need to visit the site to test the effects of walls and shelves on the WLAN signal. The advantage of a software plan is that it also takes into account channel optimization and not just coverage, like the traditional “ap-on-a-stick model”.

The process proceeds as follows


The client provides Triuvare with a floor plan of the space. The network application is discussed with the client.


A specialist visits the site to measure e.g. the wall thicknesses and WLAN signal throughput.


Mapping of potential network cable needs, and composition of a description of the access points, their number and location, and channel planning.

After the planning phase, we can also complete the installation if desired. The price depends on the number of access points and other elements and the installations required. The installation phase includes a WLAN measurement to ensure the quality of the end result.

If desired, we can also complete the corrections indicated in the report, on which we will provide you with a quote upon request after the WLAN measurement. After the correction, Triuvare will conduct a remeasurement and reanalysis free of charge to see that the problems have been resolved.

Example pricing

Priced based on the floor plan. The amount of work depends on the number of walls and the size of the space. In addition, travel expenses will be charged (incl. kilometre allowance from Tampere office, travel time 115 € / h, possible daily allowance, possible accommodation costs). If there are more than one storey in the building, we charge 250 € for each additional storey.

Office, 400 m², lots of walls  
900 €  
Hall or open-plan office with a high ceiling, 400 m²  
550 €  
Open production space, 3 000 m²  
700 €  
Warehouse full of shelves, 5 000 m²  
1500 €  

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High-quality wireless connections are required for the continued proliferation of computers, tablets, and smart phones. High-quality wireless connections will play an increasingly important role in the future as the “Internet of Things” (IoT) becomes more widespread, including home appliances and industrial robots connected to the wireless network. Huoleton™ WLAN is implemented with Cisco Meraki access points designed for business use.

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