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Microsoft Power BI is a market-leading intelligence management tool based on Excel add-ons.  Power BI is a modern, easy-to-use software released in 2015, with custom reports that work in a browser.

The possibilities of intelligence management are also easily accessible to SMEs through Power BI.

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Power BI’s rapid and agile deployment does not require large investments, making it ideal for organizations of all sizes. It allows you to combine several different data sources into one report so that all relevant information is in one view.

Information update is automatic and reporting routines take less time. Power BI is constantly developing and its features provide new means to refine business intelligence and support decision-making.

Report examples

Check out Power BI report examples! You can also order access to demo reports, which will help you to test the app.


Check out report examples and order demo IDs!

Power BI project consists of the following components

Current state analysis

Getting acquainted with the client’s business processes and needs.


Defining IT architecture, data sources, target audience, and metrics.


Importing different data sources, building a data model, refining data, visualization, documentation and testing.

Why acquire Power BI?

  • Time-saving with automation of reporting routines
  • Gathering relevant business information in one place
  • Sharing reports by not sending Excels
  • Dynamic reports serve the users better
  • More information to support decision making

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Power BI brings intelligence management solutions to everyone. It is part of the Microsoft Office 365 product family and is easy and carefree to commission.

At Triuvare, we carry out agile information management projects that focus on client needs, make the necessary specifications, and implement solutions in a selected topic using Microsoft Power BI.

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