Huoleton™ Light

Triuvare Huoleton™ Light is a IT support service model for regular need for a client who manages their own day-to-day IT. Our experienced support team helps when problems arise. An hourly quota is agreed in advance with the client and any extra hours are billed separately. Light clients often have their own information management, which we assist.

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When to choose an hourly quota instead of a continuous service model?

Hourly quota can be used for all kinds of IT related work, such as user support, server troubleshooting, user credential administration, etc. We handle service requests sent by our clients quickly and reliably. Hours exceeding the quota will be billed at an hourly rate.

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In addition to support service, the client often needs some development work. Small development work, such as server installations, can be done at an hourly rate. Larger development projects are priced separately in advance, which is also a less expensive model for the client.

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Lataa maksuton Kasvuyrityksen IT-opas

Huoleton™ ICT-support

User support

The service includes user support for ICT problems throughout the organization, such as printing issues, network issues, etc., as well as challenges faced by a single user. On-call duty on business days from 7 am to 5 pm.

Accurate reporting

Our account managers monitor the use of quotas and suggest increasing or decreasing quotas as needed in order to avoid unnecessary costs. You can also easily monitor the use of your hourly quota yourself with the dynamic reports available.


The service is billed based on the hourly quota. Hours exceeding the agreed quota will be billed at an hourly rate.


Huoleton™ ICT-tuki perustuu tuntikiintiön hinnoitteluun, jossa tuntihinta on sitä edullisempi, mitä isomman kiintiön asiakas ostaa. Kiintiön ylittävät tunnit veloitetaan tuntihinnalla. Sovittua tuntimäärää voi muuttaa, mikäli tarpeet muuttuvat.

Asiakkaan tiloissa tapahtuva IT-tuki laskutetaan: per alkava 60 min.
Puhelimitse ja etäyhteyden kautta tapahtuva IT-tuki laskutetaan: per alkava 15 min.

1-5 h/ month  
64,78 €/h  
6-10 h/ month  
59,61 €/h  
11-20 h/ month  
54,82 €/h  
21-30 h/ month  
50,45 €/h  
31 - h/ month  
46,41 €/h  
Hours exceeding the agreed quota  
80,98 €/h  

Pricing examples

2 h / month  
129,56 € / month  
6 h / month  
357,66 € / month  
10 h / month  
596,10 € / month  
25 h / month  
1261,25 € / month  
50 h / month  
2320,50 € / month  
100 h / month  
4641 € / month  

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