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Huoleton™ Training ensures your business expertise. Good software management makes work faster and more efficient, and allows employees to focus on their actual tasks.

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Get the most out of the tools with training

You benefit from the tools the most when they are used properly. Correct practices save both time and nerves, and allow employees to focus fully on their actual job. Training facilitates the introduction of new tools and allows the opportunity to solve any issues that may arise with the help of an specialist.

You learn the best tips and practices that facilitate work with Triuvare’s Huoleton™  Training. Our competent ICT specialists provide the latest information in the field during training.

Huoleton™ Training topics:

  • New features of Office suite (2 x 45 min)
  • SharePoint and/or OneDrive for Business (2 x 45 min)
  • Microsoft Teams (2 x 45 min)
  • Email and calendar (2 x 45 min)
  • Software user training: Word/Excel/PowerPoint (3 x 45 min per software)

Also check Microsoft Teams training videos free of charge!

Could not find the right one? We are also happy to tailor new trainings.

If you order more than one training course with the same content at once, we give you a 30% discount on the 2nd and subsequent implementations.

2 x 45 min (one topic)  
500 €  
Half a day (2 topics)  
935 €  
Half a day (3-4 topics)  
1430 €  
Office suite user training (3 x 45 min)  
720 €  

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