Support and security easily by hourly work

Our support service model is specifically designed to assist your organization. Support might be basic end-user support, server troubleshooting or installing a new printer. If you wish, you can outsource other aspects as well, such as server maintenance, device installation, update management, etc.

We offer two different service model options: ICT support service based on an hourly quota, which you can complement with our other services, or carefree Huoleton Premium, with which we assume responsibility that your ICT infrastructure works.

Huoleton™ ICT Support

Triuvare Huoleton™ ICT Support is a IT support service model for regular need for a client who manages their own day-to-day IT. Our experienced support team helps when problems arise. An hourly quota is agreed in advance with the client and any extra hours are billed separately. ICT Support clients often have their own information management, which we assist.

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How about comprehensive outsourcing?

Triuvare’s Huoleton™ Premium is an outsourced IT department for your organization, providing continuous locationing of development areas and problem prevention, and a single point of contact for all end-user needs.

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