If there are no vacancies at the moment, submit an open application! Technical vacancies in particular are usually filled through open applications or from our own network, so do not wait for vacancies to appear.

Vacancies at Triuvare

How awesome that you are interested in working with us in Triuvare!

Even if we were not in an actual recruitment process at the moment, we are always interested in potential and future talents. The ICT industry is constantly evolving, which is why our needs and the client needs, as well as those of the specialists, are changing. Primarily, our recruits are focused on technical expertise, especially on infrastructure solutions, integration and BI experts. In addition to regular jobs, it is worth asking for internship and thesis jobs in ICT, administration, sales and marketing.

At Triuvare, the most important business values are customer orientation, availability, flexibility and sociability. These same values are obviously also reflected in the HR department and we emphasize them in our corporate culture. We have often jokingly stated that we hire “social nerds”, especially on the technical department. With this slightly exaggerated proverb, we mean that social and open nature is more important than technical knowledge for us. There is always room to gain more technical expertise, but openness and sociality are often built-in and therefore more difficult to learn. We have a fairly free corporate culture, and we want to keep it that way. Both humour and dress code are fairly relaxed at the Triuvare office. We do not have any immediate superiors, but instead manage ourselves with the LaaS method. Our employee engagement, i.e. eNPS, is as high as 63 on a scale of -100 to +100 (last measured in May 2019). That is of course a plus.

Triuvare employees have ended up with us through several routes. We have a number of recruits who started with an internship or on-the-job training, specialists recommended by Triuvare employees, talents found through recruiting companies, as well as gems found through direct recruitment. Career development at Triuvare is up to you and we invest in the training and development of our personnel. We want to take good care of our employees. Comprehensive employee benefits and a variety of leisure activities keep employees alert in the turmoil of a challenging industry (except maybe the day after the activity…).

You can always submit an open application at You can also always call me if you want to hear more about Triuvare as a workplace.

If you feel you are an aptly social nerd or otherwise suitable for Triuvare, follow our announcements of vacancies on our social media channels and on this site! Full steam!

— Regards, Annika

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Annika Heino

HR Manager
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Triuvare employee benefits

  • Lunch benefit
  • exercise, cultural and well-being benefit 400 € / year
  • badminton turn


  • fruit, coffee, tea, adult refreshments
  • joint All Access card
  • recreational events

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