Why choose Triuvare?

There are IT service providers around every corner. How does Triuvare stand out?

Exceptional service model

Triuvare’s Huoleton Premium is a completely unique, fixed-price service model, in which we assume complete responsibility for the IT infrastructure of the organization. As the package includes unlimited support, it is in our best interest to ensure that support requests are kept to a minimum. Typically, IT services are paid for problem solving, thus it is in the service provider’s best interest to get as much work as possible. Similar service is not available from other operators.

Skillful 1. support level and fast solutions

Many operators in the industry limit what their helpdesk can do, and problems, such as those requiring administrative privileges, fall under the more expensive 2. level. Triuvare also solves these types of problems directly with the support team, and no additional cost is charged for more challenging support requests. Thus, our service is clearly faster than average.

Customer orientation

Our account managers truly consider the client’s best interest.  We will say frankly if the solution that the client wants is not the best possible. Our clients trust us. We constantly measure customer experience and the feedback we receive from our clients is excellent.


The right size

Our largest clients have several hundred workstations, the smallest have one.  We are a large enough company to handle the IT of a organization with hundreds of employees, but also small enough to be able to provide our our clients with agile and personal service. Nowadays, the capacity of one person alone is not sufficient to master all aspects of IT alone, so it is important to be part of a team.


Experience in companies and associations

In addition to companies, we have a number of major associations as clients. We also understand the limitations associated with association work.

Expertise and pioneering

Our specialists and architects are top-players in their respective fields.  We have industry-leading expertise in cloud services, network planning and mobile device management.

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